NFL Draft: Ryan Ramczyk is unique path to pro football should be considered a positive

Wisconsin tackle Ryan Ramczyk figured his livelihood would involve wearing a face mask.

And not necessarily one attached to an NFL helmet.

Not every team can compete with the best. If we learned anything this season, it is that Westbrook needs help. Taj Gibson and Doug McDermott were a good start, but the Thunder need another All-Star — they need a Kevin Durant.

Meanwhile, those who said the rich, entitled jock really wasn’t sacrificing anything with his kneeling must be aware by now exactly what he sacrificed.

Until someone proves it wrong, he has sacrificed his NFL career. Teams find Manuel, Foles and Smith to be more reasonable options at what they have made clear is the most important position in their sport.

NFL teams are free to prove that wrong. So far, early in free agency, they haven’t. The 31-year-old running back would have been due $18 million in salary against the cap in 2017 had he stayed in Minnesota. The Vikings did not pick up the option on Peterson is contract and, on Thursday, confirmed they would be moving on from him.

Considering the Vikings’ hard fall from being NFC contenders, Peterson will want that status again out of his new employer. If he is willing to accept reasonable money for a back of his age with high mileage and more of a committee or backup role, there are three championship-caliber teams that make sense for him.

Though not a literal trade, Peterson in Oakland and Latavius Murray in Minnesota would in effect be exactly that. The Vikings confirmed their Peterson break-up hours after they announced their acquisition of the former Raiders back.


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