Samuel L. Jackson does not like what he sees

Remover of flying reptiles and noted Falcons fan Samuel L. Jackson hasn’t had much to cheer about this year, not when it comes to his favorite NFL team anyway. Something set him off on Thursday night during the Falcons game against the Saints.

I like to imagine he’s saying “get these mother f–king Saints out of this mother f–king Georgia Dome.”

Here we have Richardson (yellow) trying to run down hill right behind the guard’s (red) pulling block. If the guard does his job there should be a crease right inside of him and with Richardson running downhill for once, the result should be a nice gain.

In general, Brown seems to know where the double team will be on these power plays and, smartly, aims for a spot just outside of it. That gets him to and through the hole as soon as possible, which is what these blocking schemes were created for in the first place!

It’s worth pondering whether Richardson has that level of comfort yet with the way these plays are being blocked since he did get traded in the early part of the season, but at some point he just has to put his head down and run as if he is trying to make it through a brick wall. Hell, he is only averaging three yards per carry as it is; I doubt that approach could possibly turn out any worse.

Of course, sometimes it’s not on Richardson, it’s on his blockers instead. These next two plays show two different counters where two different guards totally whiff on their kickout blocks and get him blown up. Not a hell of a lot he could do on either of those plays except make sure he held on to the ball.


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