The last time a tiebreaker was played in the MLB regular season was in 2013

Instead, fates would change for the Cavs in the playoffs, where the team with Love proved itself measurably better than the one with Anthony.

The Anthony team lost in the Eastern Conference Finals three times and lost in the NBA Finals twice. The Love team reached the NBA Finals four times and were crowned champions in three of those trips. It’s worth noting that those championships were won over teams not named the Warriors. The Cavs lost to the Warriors each time they faced off, regardless of scenario.

It’s clear, at least according to “NBA 2K17,” that the Cavaliers are a more formidable opponent for the Western Conference representative with Kevin Love than with Carmelo Anthony. The game even seems to believe the team would struggle to get out of the East with Anthony. Based on that information, it looks like the Cavs made the right decision passing on the proposed trade with the Knicks.

In the event that the regular season requires a single-game tiebreaker, these dates could be changed. A tiebreaker could be required to determine wild card teams, a division champion or postseason seeding between separate division champions.

The last time a tiebreaker was played in the rangers_136-115x115 was in 2013, when the Tampa Bay Rays defeated the Texas Rangers 5-2 to win a wild-card spot.

Since 2012, Major League Baseball includes two two wild-card teams from each league in the playoffs. The two teams from the American League and the National League that finish atop the wild card standings will progress to essentially a “play-in” game against one another to advance to the Division Series.