Joe Johnson gave the Clippers a very Clippers loss

The L.A. Clippers never have it easy. The Utah Jazz are every bit as good as them, and maybe better. We knew that coming into this series. But when Rudy Gobert goes out with a knee injury on the first play of the game, you expect L.A. to take advantage at home.


Joe Johnson hit a floater at the buzzer to give Utah a 97-95 win in Game 1. It’s Joe’s 2,453rd game-winner (estimate) and a perfect explanation of why the Jazz signed him to join their otherwise fairly young team in the summer.

This might seem a bit melodramatic given we’re talking about a man making $26 million a year to play basketball and a man making $12 million a year to run a basketball team. But … we’re also talking about a comic book panel. We’re allowed to apply it to situations that fall short of life and death.

What Carmelo Anthony could do — what Carmelo Anthony should do, in my opinion — is plant himself like a tree beside the river of truth (the Hudson, I suppose?) and tell the whole world, “No, I’m not waiving my no-trade clause. You move.”

We have seen the New York Knicks succeed with Carmelo. The Knicks made the playoffs in three of the four seasons Anthony was on the team before Jackson took over. The Knicks are 0-for-3 since Jackson arrived.